Cartersville Chiropractor, Natural Doctor & Nutritional Counseling | New Life Health Center

Relieve Pain Naturally!

Dr. Sean and Dr. Jennifer Lotterer are highly skilled and experienced chiropractors that will help you live a full and pain-free life using natural methods. They will be able to help you not only with structural problems such as spinal misalignment, but also provide physical therapy for you to regain strength and nutritional programs to regain health or maintain a strong and energetic lifestyle.

Gentle & Caring Treatment that Gets Results

Using the latest techniques, the doctors believe in treating the whole person and finding the underlying causes of a condition to give lasting relief. Their chiropractic adjustments are gentle and designed to hold longer. You will feel at home in our practice: our facilities are comfortable and spacious and our staff are friendly and caring.

In addition to an accomplished chiropractor, Dr. Sean Lotterer is a sports injury and personal injury specialist. Dr. Jennifer Lotterer brings to the practice a great deal of training and experience in nutrition and handling chronic health conditions.