Did you know that almost 36 million Americans have High Blood Pressure? An estimated 15 million are not aware that they have this potentially dangerous condition. Because high blood pressure usually causes no symptoms until complications develop, it is known as the “silent killer”.

When the heart pumps blood through the arteries the blood presses against the walls of the vessels. In people with hypertension, that pressure that is abnormally high. Whether blood pressure is high or low or normal depends on several factors: The output from the heart, the volume of blood and the distribution of that blood to the organs. All of these factors can be affected by the activities of the nervous system and certain hormones. If blood pressure is high the heart must work harder to pump enough blood to the rest of the body. Ultimately this condition can lead to kidney failure, heart failure or stroke.

The precise cause of Hypertension is unknown, but there are several risk factors that have been identified. These include smoking, obesity, stress, excessive use of stimulants such as coffee or tea, drug abuse and high sodium intake. These and other dietary related factors may cause the arteries to harden and cause blood pressure to rise.

If you have High blood pressure your medical doctor may tell you to eat a low sodium diet, but studies have shown that too much salt may not exactly be the cause. It turns out that eating too much salt will deplete several types of the healthy bacteria in your gut. This depletion causes certain immune cells to increase and cause auto immune disease and high blood pressure. So, like a lot of health conditions, the problem stems from an unhealthy digestive system.

So, what can you do about this? There are several dietary changes that can be done to keep your blood pressure normal. Avoid animal fats like bacon, beef chicken liver, corned beef pork, sausage, and dairy products. Increase your fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more purified water. Avoid all alcohol and tobacco. This will help to keep your digestive system healthy promote good bacteria to proliferate in the gut.

Medication for High blood Pressure is one of the most widely prescribed medications in the world. The problem with this is that taking medication can lead to low blood pressure (Hypotension) which can cause fainting, dizziness, weakness and fatigue. This may cause your doctor near me to prescribe another medication to keep your blood pressure in balance. Dietary supplements can be very effective in handling this condition. Cataplex G by Standard Process is an essential supplement. It has B and C vitamins that reduces blood clotting tendencies and lowers cholesterol levels. It also supports healthy immune system and liver function. Research has shown that people with high blood pressure have low levels of magnesium. A great product for this is Magnesium lactate. It promotes healthy cellular energy production and provides cofactors for over 300 enzymes. Ask a natural doctor near me.

I have been in practice for over 20 years and I always teach my patients the importance of balance in a healthy lifestyle. Hypertension is one of the most important, controllable risk factors for stroke and is directly related to being able to handle stress and “pressure” in one’s life.

So, find that balance. Practice yoga for 20 minutes a day. Breathe deep and slow through the nose for 5 minutes several times a day. See a chiropractor. Do something fun for yourself like ride a bike or go for a walk in the woods, play with your kids…or just play! Drink plenty of clean purified water. This all goes a long way to achieving that balance and being able to “Handle the Pressure”.

Have a great day!

-Dr. Sean