Personal Injury Help

Personal Injury Help - Cartersville, GA

Help with everything you need for full recovery & compensation

Dr. Lotterer is a personal injury specialist, part of a network of specialists dedicated to helping the automobile accident victim regain their physical strength and health and to receive the full compensation that is due to them. His success rate with his patients is very high, with most patients achieving full recovery.

We can help an accident victim with everything they need. This includes referring to the right legal representation, making sure that diagnostic testing is done, referring to medical specialists for care needed and giving the needed chiropractic care and physical therapy. Our office helps you with all the paperwork and billing the insurance companies.

Treatment and Advocacy

Injury Treatment and Advocacy

We will help you with everything you need, including the paperwork!

Dr. Lotterer knows that an accident victim has been through a physical and emotional trauma. They are in pain, and they may also be upset or worried about the accident. That’s why he ensures that not only is his chiropractic care the best, but that we maintain a soothing atmosphere throughout our office. And, at the New Life Health Center, we will also be our patient’s advocate and fight for their rights to all the treatment they need to recover.

In addition to providing any needed chiropractic care, because the New Life Health Center is a member of the United Healthcare Network, we help our patients get the other help they might need, including legal representation, other medical diagnostic testing and care, and even referrals to medical specialists or physical therapy.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at 678-721-8828 or request an appointment online.

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“When I first saw Dr. Sean I couldn’t sleep at night my back was so messed up from lower back surgery. Now after only 1 ½ years Dr. Sean made me feel so much better. I can do more activities than before and I still come to see him and recommend him to others.

“Thank you Dr. Sean!!!!”

– Laisa Lisiuk