Sports Injuries & Physical Therapy

Sports Injury Treatment | Cartersville, Georgia

Dr. Lotterer can rehabilitate your joints so injuries don’t reoccur.

Fast & Full Recovery

As a sports injury specialist, Dr. Sean Lotterer’s goal is to successfully treat the condition so that the patient regains full strength and functionality.

Dr. Lotterer repairs injuries in the knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow - anything that gets weakened or injured playing sports. For example, for a baseball player, the rotator cuff can be a weak spot. Anyone in track and field might experience weakened ankles. Also, wrists that are weak or already show signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr. Lotterer is trained in Physical Therapy and interned with physical therapists for many years, and incorporates physical therapy into his sports injury care along with necessary chiropractic adjustments, allowing for speediest recovery. In addition, the chiropractic adjustments hold much longer if patient gets some kind of physical therapy at the same time.

Our Procedure

Sports Injuries Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Lotterer’s treatments are gentle and effective.

When a patient comes in with a sports injury Dr. Lotterer first gets all the information about that injury and a history of other injuries, past surgeries and medications. He does a physical examination, and goes over both the diagnosis and treatment plan with the patient. The treatment plan includes chiropractic adjustment to ensure that the skeleton is properly aligned and the joints are functioning properly. If there is too much inflammation he will use ice (cryotherapy) or ultrasound. Nutritional supplements to help rebuild cartilage, repair connective tissue and reduce inflammation, and which cause no harmful side effects. Dr. Lotterer uses physical therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises for the area that was injured. In addition to their office visits, Dr. Lotterer provides his patients with an at-home program to maximize their rehabilitation.

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